Q: I’ve spent money in the past on picks from guys who have lost me money, why is this company any different than those?

A: It’s simple. A lot of these guys who sell their sports picks think they know what they are doing. In reality their true intentions are to make money off of you. Their picks are not actual picks they themselves bet on, they are picks they just give you. The picks we give out are our own picks that we make with our own money. Over the course of our sports betting careers we have developed a knack for the intangibles that set us apart and have made us profit. Join the winning team today and stop listening to the amateurs.



Q: I have never bet before and want to get into sports betting, how do I start and how will Relentless Sports Consulting help me turn sports betting into a reliable secondary income?

A: First thing’s first. Check all laws and regulations regarding sports betting in your state, country or province. Once regulations have been met, create an account online on a safe and secure site where you can place bets. There is many betting websites out there, make sure to search for one and use one that you're comfortable with. Once your account is set and you have deposited money it becomes simple. We give you picks and you place them on the site. The goal is to win a majority of the bets we give out everyday so a profit is made. Ideally 20 out of 30 winning days will give you a good profit every month so this is the goal at the very least. Hundreds of clients have used our services to make solid profits using this model over the long run.



Q: Does the membership I buy only last until the season is over?

A: We sell packages based on Time Frames and Sports Seasons. The Time Frames include 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, and 1 year. We also sell seasonal packages for NBA, NFL, NCAA Basketball & Football, and MLB. Since we cover all major sports, you will never run out of picks for the amount of time you sign up for. Additionally, the packages are all inclusive for every sport we offer. Enjoy!