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Why Relentless?

•     Most other “Sports Consultants” will charge upwards of thousands of dollars for a limited time package that will include picks that are heavy favorites and gain you no real value in the long run. It’s crucial to identify which spreads will help you cash at around -120 or better odds and win these bets at a high rate. This is what we will help you with. Our team has been in this industry for over a decade and has the expertise to get you the best plays on the best games. We use Models and Numbers to formulate our picks on a daily basis. 

•     You cannot put a price on guidance and knowledge. Why waste time experimenting and losing tons of money making bad bets when you can reach out to experts who have been doing it over the span of a decade and profiting in the long run. Time and experience are two intangibles that cannot be bought and that’s what we bring to the table to you in minutes. Save your time and come get the answers you’re looking for. Our team of 4 Consultants is originally from Orange County, California. Initially going to UC schools and getting Bachelors’ degrees in BioChemistry, Physics, Economics and Mathematics; our goal was to pursue a career as Lawyers, Data Analysts, and Surgeons. The path was soon changed as we realized that we had a lot more potential using the numbers to our advantage by becoming Sports Consultants. Now, our goal is to share our expertise with you and get you on the right path so you can increase your bankroll to a substantial amount. 

How It Works

•    Our picks will be emailed to you in an organized fashion with a brief description of why we think a pick is worth the bet. This will help you learn how to properly analyze games and spreads over time.

•     We are always here to communicate with you regarding how to place a bet, where to look for alternate lines, and how to live bet when needed.

•     If you take our picks and be patient, you will see your money grow incrementally each week. Over the course of a year this will result in a reliable secondary income or even better if you bet an ample amount.

•     Not only will you join a winning team, but you will join one of the most reliable in the business. We take pride in reaching out to customers ASAP when they have questions. We genuinely enjoy making and this is all made apparent through our testimonials and bet slips. We are not here to sugar coat, we are here to make you money and be transparent. We currently have thousands of clients who use our services from around the world and they’ve all been more than satisfied by our picks. We’ll make sure to exceed your expectations once you join our team. 

All our Client Testimonials are posted on our Instagram story highlights for your viewing convenience. 

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We have recently been featured on The Los Angeles Tribune, Yahoo Finance and Business Insider for our tremendous success in the Sports Consulting Industry.